Friday, February 28, 2014

Comeback 5, Scraped Back Panel

I had been using scraping in various forms as a painting process as opposed to a restart or scrapping activity.  This knife scraping leaves at least the ghost of the original concept.  On a canvas covered board there is a clear image, on a gessoed board not so much.  For me in my current condition this eliminates drawing and composition complexities and allows me to get on the brush to work on mixing and brush work or knife work.  I am going to continue with dry brush technique - no medium.

Palette With primaries and Old Mix Greys

Here the primary pigments are joined again with Cadmium Orange Fonce (KAMA) and the grey mixes from the day before stored at the bottom.  These semi neutrals take on a colour and life of their own.  Can't be reproduced or bought.  Very valuable and saves time the next day.

Scraped Back Panel Image - Mill on The Pine River

This panel is canvas on board so a good image.  From Memory I saw composition problems.  Obvious value considerations.  So I start with darks to give form and get me into the painting.  Had to recall the source of light.

In Process - More Paint Required

I am trying to get a better depiction of the light on the scene.  Total time to this point was one hour in the studio.  Had to take a rest to return later.

With Walk - By Touches

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