Saturday, February 22, 2014

Comeback 2 The Greys

For this session I added Cremnitz (Blue Ridge) white to the palette.  The idea then was to mix with brush and or knife to avoid the more complex.  Greys and semi neutrals are central to my painting so mixing should be enough for this session.  That will give me time playing with the paint, the brushwork, and the colour.  And I'll get to experience the difference between Titanium and Cremnitz white.

The Setup

Today the brush felt more familiar in my hand and I was more aware of the feel of the paint.    Brushwork did get a bit better.

A Cool Grey From the Primaries

I marked out some 8x10 spaces on a piece of used masonite.

8x10s For Future Use?

Just filling these spaces with mixtures gave me some low risk exercise with paint.  I know that the complexity of a painted image might be discouraging at this stage.  Too much decision making, too much concentration.  So the greys with the two whites.....  My Teacher would be proud.

Greys and Semi Neutrals

The top two 8x10s are tints using titanium white.  The bottom two were mixed with Cremnitz.  The Cremnitz is more transparent and I use more of it.  It gives sophisticated mixes in infinite close variations.

50 minutes in the studio but less fatigue.  Some progress!

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