Thursday, February 20, 2014

Comeback 1

Sunday I squeezed out the primaries with the idea of just playing with some paint.  No attempt at putting the whole brew together.  That will come later.

The setup

Primaries keep the decision making process simple.  My primaries are Alizarin (RGH Paint , you tube it), Cad Yellow Medium (Stevenson - Great Value), Ultramarine (Blue Ridge - Hand Made), and Titanium white (Rembrandt - Creamy white with good coverage).  I set out two brushes, a #12 Stevenson Hogs Bristle Flat and a #4 Rosemary Hogs Bristle Flat.  And a few palette knives.  These have been the basic tools of torture for me.  So I thought I should get the feel of them in my hand.  The feel was both familiar and good.  So I mixed the possible colours.  The brushwork and knife work was tough and lacking.  Felt very awkward.  Glad I didn't try more complexity.

The Colour Gamut

The possible colour mixes, such as they are, are shown on a colour wheel.  The areas that are inside the circle (various neutrals and semi neutrals that are key players in painting the way I do) without paint are not possible with this simple palette.  If I want colours there I have to add tube colours of maximum chroma in between the primaries (later session).  That complicates the mixing decisions.  I'm in enough trouble without that.

Slapping it On

Here I am just getting the feel of brushing on various mixes on a piece of gessoed masonite.  My feel of the paint was almost nil, and I'm quite a tactile person.  Brushwork still poor.

Wet in Wet

Then I continued to paint a second layer in 8x10 spaces.  Feel the pickup from the wet first layer.  You can see a few drips and sags.  At least I could get those.

The total elapsed time in the studio from music on to brushes clean was 50 minutes.  Nap time.

Stay tuned.  Yup, use it or lose it.

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