Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Comeback 4, Dry Brush and Expanding the Palette

Ok, so maybe I want more options on the warm side of this short palette.  I am going to explore higher chroma mixes in the red orange area which were available only in greyed versions using the primaries.  In order to do this I added Cadmium Orange Fonce from KAMA paints of Montreal.

Three Primaries Plus Orange Fonce

Notice the other piles of paint scattered around the palette aside from the primaries across the top.  These are mixtures from the last painting session.  Somewhat greyed these are great for many passages in the next painting.

I decided to paint dry brush and do a scene from my head that was picked up on a ride by my good wife Karen aimed at getting me out of the house as I recover.

Here is the result of 45 minutes in the studio.  The image is on loose canvas, gesso primed.

Late Winter's Day, Devils Pulpit

There is quite a bit of paint on this canvas (8x10) with little attention to blending the strokes.  I want to tell the viewer that it is a painting.  So put down the stroke and leave it.

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