Sunday, March 2, 2014

Comeback 6, Discussion Therapy

I finally got to go to the art discussion group at their hidden studio location up in the hills.  It was a slippery entrance to Denis's studio.  But everyone wants to be there and have a space like it.  That is therapy by itself.

The Discussion and Reading End of the Studio

After seeing what Denis had on his easel and slipping into a cup of tea and a baked good we gathered around the fireplace to talk art.

The Work Area - Nothing Up

The discussion focused on how to improve a specific piece in progress.  The stumbling point seemed to be the concept.  When asked what I think I answer "what are you trying to do - concept?"  If you can't answer that question it is hard to make a sensible critique.  In the movie "Local Colour" the master drives this point home "Your idea was not strong".

Everyone learned something in this low key environment.  Lots of laughter.

He Knows Where Everything Is

Paintings everywhere.  North light.  Kitchen, bathroom, bed, drawing area, framing area, perfect.  Next session in two weeks.  I better do some work to have something to show.

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