Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Comeback 7, Green to Expand the Palette

I have been playing with paint over the last two weeks.  Still have not tackled a painting from concept to finished product.  Senses are still blunt and my strength is only up to a total of about two hours in the studio.  But I'm getting tired of just playing around getting the feel of things and recalling things I didn't know had faded from my mind.

So today I'm adding round brushes and green to the mix as I paint on yet another scraped back painting "Ken's Corner".

2 Greens, Greys, the Rest of the Palette

I left the Orange Fonce out with the primaries and added two greens.  The greys from the last session are on the bottom of the palette.  I find these most helpful as a time saver.  Greys or semi neutrals are central to landscape painting.  The two greens added are Pthalo Green, yellow shade and blue shade.  In the past I would most frequently use Viridian.  But the Pthalos are powerful tinting compared to Viridian.  So I'm exploring the added power.

Yellow Shade, Blue Shade, Viridian

You can see from the tints the power of the Pthalos.  Viridan on the right is most closely approximated by the blue shade Pthalo Green.  Quickly you will find out how easily a Pthalo can take over your palette.  A challenge to paint handling dexterity - small bits of it into the mixing pile.

So I used the whole palette to dry brush over the top of Ken's Corner.  For your info I first oiled in the painting with a solution of mineral spirits and alkyd (small bottle on the palette).  This is like using retouch varnish to bring back the original lustre of the oil paint.

Ken's Corner - Scraped Back

Ken's Corner, 8x10, Oil on Board

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