Monday, March 10, 2014

Comeback 9, More from Concept On

I decided to paint the same scene at different times of day.  Keeping the painting time to an hour assures an almost consistent light condition.  It also fits my current state.

These were all done from the same thumbnail sketch, using the same palette (the warm version with Alizarin, Cad Yellow Light, Ultramarine plus Cad Orange Fonce).  Again I added a round bristle brush in addition to the usual bristle flats.  To repeat the process, I used a pre coloured ground at mid value.  A combination of Ultramaring Blue and Orange Fonce.  These act as the mid tones if you establish the darks, then the lights.  The image comes in quickly.

Adding Coloured Ground - Old Greys in Foreground

For these I have been letting the ground dry.  I usually establish the coloured ground on the spot letting the scene dictate the colour of the ground, then paint wet into wet.

Establishing the Darks

Establishing the Lights

The mid tones are already there in the coloured ground.  So bring them to life....  Watch the values in each shape.

Koop from Studio - Late Day, 8x10, Oil on Board

Similarly the Mid Day study was done.

Koop from Studio - Noon, 8x10, Oil on Board

And for your reference the early morning version.  The first in the series.

Koop from Studio - Early Light, 8x10, Oil on Board

You can also see from this exercise how much you can glean from a series.  My concept changed to capture the light conditions.  You can also see how much the light changes.  So, if you are painting from life you have to limit your time or you mix light conditions.


  1. Ogromnie fascynujące miejsce a także świetnie czyta się twoje wpisy :) Oczekuję na dodatkowe oraz zapraszam do siebie na moją strone on-line - chyba jeszcze nie raz tu wejde poczytać twojego bloga ;-)