Friday, June 17, 2011

Second Rockwood Outing

The first time to Rockwood was exciting yet I was able to relax and catch the essence of the old mill pond dam.  Second time, another day, another experience.  This was the ladies day out.  Maybe that's why I had trouble relaxing and focusing on my concept.

Five Is a Crowd

Yup, five of us scrunched into a small spit of land viewing the river entrance to the park.  We even had a guard.

Daisy Doggin' It

By the time I took these shots the sun had crept around and put my palette in its glare.  Tiny little beady pin hole eyes are difficult to paint with.  You have to compensate for colours put down too dark.  That was obvious when I got home.  Much worse than that, I failed to identify my concept and stick with it.  I was really painting three paintings.

A Start

Interesting rock face, interesting stream riffles, interesting source in the dark tunnel.  Let's do 'em all.  I buzzed between these on the same canvas.  Below was my morning effort. I am trying to refine this effort from this.  I will returned to the concept of the water riffles.  I may paint the others on site at another time.

Ready to Begin Again

This is a poor photo.  The light and colour are off, but you can see my dilemma.  I hope to do some work here tomorrow at our small Georgetown Show in the Montessori School.  I believe I know where I want to go.  Now for the going from memory in the studio.


  1. This place is really beautiful. I would like to go there. It is interesting sharing. I like to go at nature resources.

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  2. Cottasofia,
    This is a small (by Canadian standards) park close to my home. It is is part of the Niagara Escarpment. Basically, the park travels along a section of the Eramosa River where it widens into a series of "lakes". The rocky peaks of the escarpment are exposed in a series of spots. Three trails that take about 45 minutes to walk encircle the whole thing.

  3. You have an informative blog. I’ve learned something from it. I do have mine too Thanks

  4. Thanks Claire, I'll tune in to your blog.