Thursday, June 9, 2011

Painting in the Rain II

The emails started to fly at 7am.  Beauty excuses, but basically chapter one types.  "Looks ominous", "the forecast is for rain", "we'll get wet", "have to enter the juried show", "have to feed the horses",  "have to do paper work", blah, blah, blah.  Haven't heard the "having my wisdom teeth out (again)", or "can't figure out how to set up the French easel", or "I have no sense of direction" brands lately.  Need some creativity here.

Well, the usuals turned out for a rain day, and it was awful as usual.

Vic the Ring Leader in the Rain

Just in case it actually did rain, I hid in the shade to avoid sun burn.  Also worked on a short picture box painting.

Just an Awful Day

Nothing ventured, no painting gained.  80% of the time when inclement weather is predicted we end up with good or decent days.  The other 20% we improvise.  You have to get the miles in.