Saturday, June 11, 2011

In the Movies

We pulled in to Scotsdale to find a congregation of trucks and cars all over the fields.  We were stopped by beer bellied dude with a head set and a Toronto hat.  Expecting peace and quiet on a week day, we got the movie mogul two-step run around.  "OK, said I, we'll go in the back way".  There must have been 50 trucks and cars and a pile of people with head sets and pretty clothes trying look like they were doing something.

Throw Money This Way

This guy claimed he knew exactly where they were going to shoot.  Not.  But they did feel important.  Monica splashed one of 'em and his one white sock got a bit dirty.  "I work a long day" he complained.

I. Am. Important

Just workin' our tails off.

Gettin' Hungry

The camera man entourage prepped the action mobile for the man just in case he showed up.

Hitch Her Up

Ok, soup's on.  Lets eat to get rested up for the afternoon.

Shrimp and Lobsta

Apparently it is episode 4 for this new TV series.  Boring from this end.

Meanwhile at locations unknown to the crew but under their noses we got down to work and did a canvas or two.

Threatening to Rain

Tomorrow I am teaching en plein air.  Must have been a good boy - cool, sunny with cloudy periods, good small group.

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