Saturday, June 25, 2011

Design, What You See Is'nt What You Get

Design is an interesting intangible.  Gary Spearin once told me "It's your job to make it a painting".  Most times I find that the scene chosen requires at least some design work in order that you can meet your concept.  If you don't do this you become a copier.  Now, that in itself can be a good development exercise.  But the road to evolving into an artist requires the installation of design elements.  They just don't get there by themselves.  Too much, too little, too busy, too dull, subordinate etc etc.  Decisions, decisions.

As an interlude to the early spring greens I have been painting a series in Glen Williams.  It has been quite refreshing.  In addition it has been in line with some art history experiments I am doing, but more on that at another time.  Here is what I saw.

The Way Into the Glen - Rainy Day

Now, I have been in and around the area on all sorts of weather conditions.  So I chose sunny and added light.  I did quite a number of other things to the scene.  Here is some other reference.  Dramatically different light key.

Sunny On the Way to the Glen

Have a look and see if you can discover my concept.  Then see how many design elements have been installed.

Going Down Town, 12x24, Oil on Canvas

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