Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Painter Paints

You just can't please them all, so please yourself.  Here is a painting done alla prima at -7C  in brilliant sunshine at "the farm" on Boxing Day.  It consists of two basic masses.

The Fence, Oil on Board

The accomplices put in their two cents.  "It is so light and ethereal, so soft".  "Just what I tried to do" she said. "I love it, don't touch it when you get it home".  Ha!  Thoughts went through her head, "maybe a touch here and there, they'll never know."

The email arrived shortly thereafter.  "The VIEWER said it is crap!"  Specifically the viewer commented;  1. No clear subject. i.e. It looks like the background of a good painting.
2. Progress is only defined by new blobs of colour that add to the background effect. No edges.
3. Brush strokes are all too long and uniform.

Now, we had discussed a few issues on site that basically dealt with these three comments - bringing a little more attention to the subject, and breaking up the masses a bit.  The degree to which these are used or not is the domain of the artist as they move towards the achievement of their concept.

Here is an example of what was discussed.  Pardon the crude use of Photoshop.

The Fence - Thoughts, Oil on Board

Both accomplices suggested that modifications be done by painting a second painting from the first study.  One can learn a tremendous amount from such a series.  So here is version 2, all influences banging around the artists brain - so confusing.

The Fence II, Oil on Board

Apparently the VIEWER responded with "Better but no cigar".  What do you think?  Take into consideration that the artist's original concept was to lead they eye towards a stub fence in front of a wall of evergreen and other trees.  The violets in the brush on the left near the stub fence were to be preserved.  The feel was to be soft and not edgy.  The bright warmth of the sunny day was to be felt.

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