Friday, December 3, 2010

Next on Zorn's Palette

I am continuing my work with Zorn's palette in my fall landscape paintings.  From the first paintings I decided to add a bit of chroma to the colours.  Here is the beginning palette.

Terra Rosa, Yellow Ochre, Ivory Black - below the chromatic equivalent

I replaced the Terra Rosa with Gamblin's Pink Brown, and I used Gold Ochre instead of Yellow Ochre (These colours can be from the tube or mixed - if you know what is in them).  Both of these replacements are more chromatic.  That is they are more red and more yellow respectively.  That should mean that their mixtures for "secondaries" should be more robust.  So orange, green, and violet should be a bit more distinct.  I kept the flake white on the palette.  Of course the white is cold in temperature.  Mix the white with any of the other pigments and they will cool.  Without the white the palette is quite warm.  Here is the first painting done with this version of the palette.

One Up One Down, 11x14, Oil on Canvas

Notice the areas that appear quite cool.  Next I'll write about making this palette work.  Using a short palette is an excellent learning experience.  It forces you to explore mixing, colour selection, and placement.

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