Thursday, December 23, 2010

In Between

Here we are just after the Solstice and just before Christmas.  For those celebrating these or other occasions it is a time for contemplation.  Yesterdays painting in the Hockley somehow lead us to an area previously undiscovered.  Solitude.  Reflection.  Simple Beauty.

What You Doin' Here?

Then I got back, cleaned my brushes and looked around the studio.

What's Going on Here?

Too much going on.  The deer have it right.  The other end of the studio is equally chaotic.  Put away the paint experiments.  Finish stretching that canvas - I have a painting for it.  Finish gessoing that card stock.  Finish off the painting on this easel, and the still life - at the left.  Finish the plein air pieces at the other end of the studio (5).  Reset.  Restart.  Relax.

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