Monday, December 20, 2010

New Snow Knowledge

How long have I been doing this?  The continuous learning process keeps me coming back.  The more you learn, the more you don't know.

We went out Saturday morning to the Hockley Valley.  There has been snow streamers coming in for a week or so now.  For me, living further south it is hard to believe how much snow is in the valley - and they did not get the full force of it.

The first thing you encounter is difficulty getting off the road to park safely.  Things are narrower now and the lurking ditches prove a challenge.  In the hills it is important not only to get out of the wind, but to pull over in a highly visible spot for oncoming vehicles.  This is especially critical on the weekend as the city boys are out and about.

Easel On the Road

A local stopped to chat when I was up the hill.  "Some people get sideways coming down that hill.  Glad they are way off the road."  At least we were not perched just over the peak of the hill.  But that easel just had to move.

Now on this day the snow off the road was deep.  And, when you have to go.........  Alas one of us was prepared.

Snow Shoes!

So the winter plein air prep list now includes snow shoes.  They got a necessary work out this day.

Don't Follow Me!

So now snow shoes are added to things like layers, a timer, a brimmed hat with a toque, "real" boots, and mits/gloves.  Perhaps some of these items should be discussed.  Let me know.  It is all for the sake of continuing to train they eye, having some fun, and a social outing where learning is bound to happen.


  1. Reminds me of home! Here in the south its not as snow covered, but it sure is cold.. Brovo for Plein Air in the snow.

  2. Amen! Out there today it is sunny and very bright. Tomorrow I expect to paint in a white out. Great colour training for the eye.