Tuesday, March 27, 2012

USG Strategy

It is quietly sneaking in.  Still in the MUD season, just to confuse.

Delicate Ugly Slime Green - In Sun

She is delicate.  She goes with the MUD.  She will outlast the MUD and she will evolve for the next 6 months.  So get ready.

Crop Her Out - In Sun

I have used this strategy to get around her.  But she will soon take over in another form, so better to take her head-on and get ready for the long season of green.

I use the same palette for all types of painting - landscape, portrait, still life etc.  However, I do have a guest spot on my palette to accommodate pigments to try out or to yield variety on occasion.  My palette features viridian green as its only tube green.  It is extremely versatile and naturally it is expensive.  Not a powerful pigment it mixes very well.  For greens I use Cad lemon yellow, cad yellow light, cad yellow deep, yellow ochre, transparent red oxide, cad orange, cad red, alizarin, and mineral violet with viridian in many combinations.  My blue to mix greens is primarily Ultramarine but could also be Cobalt.  Of course I also have white to lighten and cool.  These many combinations produce about any green under the sun.  But when I just have to experiment.....

Some Guests

I have been known to use more than one of these at a time but usually I choose just one.  they come from my two drawers of paint - one warm, one cool, that are labelled "seldom used".  You can tell I love to wander through art stores.  These are from front row bottom left,

Indian Yellow, Transparent Earth Yellow, Emerald Green, Azo Yellow Green

Top row from the left,

Permanent Green Light, Sap Green,  Cinnebar Green, Yellow Citron, Chrome Oxide Green, Pthalo Green Yellow Shade

Remember the answer to "how do you get THAT colour?"   MIX  MIX  MIX!

Have fun.  Clean up when you are through.

By the way, you might have noticed that I use every colour on my palette to mix my large variety of greens.  That is why I introduce a guest pigment infrequently.


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