Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mud without the Mud

With this heat wave the mud season will pass quickly.  But when you paint out in it every day you need some approaches.  Although it is all around you you can ignore it by cropping it out.  An extreme would be to paint a sky scape.  Here I am doing the scene in another season and in fairly bright sun light so I don't want it to be a mud scene.

Mud and Flood, 11x14 Oil on Canvas

The scene is on Scotsdale Farm.  For the next one I travelled to Toronto to paint in High Park with John Presseault and friends.  With the close proximity to Lake Ontario the season is about 2 weeks behind us here in the escarpment.  None the less, mud.  So, leave out the buildings etc. and... lie a bit, subordinate a bit, exaggerate a bit....

Nobby in High Park, 10x12 Oil on Board

A few finishing strokes to soften edges and add some texture and a bit more light will about do it.

Out there today I can see that the mud is beginning to lose ground.  Get prepared for the USG.

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