Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fixes on the Fly

This time we hiked into the interior of Rockwood Park.  OK, so it is a small park.  Bobby's knees are past warranty.  Remember everything you need.  No second tripping to the car.  We found a spot and began to set up.

Bobby's Ready.....

Shade, a bit of a breeze.  Beauty all around.  Then Bobby brought out his vice grips from a 15 pound bag of tools he had lugged in.  "What are those for?"  "I use 'em to tighten up my tripod.  All the nuts and knobs have disintegrated."  "What is that easel made of?"  "It's plastic.  So light its incredible."  "But you need a set of tools for it."  At that instant, down she went.  The whole kit and kabootle.

No Hands to Paint With......

  ~>"**^j#@!  "I'll have to go back to the car for my French easel."  "You'll never make it back.  That thing weighs a ton.  I'd have to send out a search party for you."  "Well, I can't paint like this."  "Hold on, let's see what we've got.  What's this?"  "Its just a strap I use to tie the tripod in this bag."  "Since you have the pochade box fastened to the tripod, maybe we can jury rig a tie down for it".  "I think you're right.  Its just the swivel I can't tighten.  If we can get a good knot here............."  "You're in business.  Just clean up that mess and you're off........."

First We Paints Ourselves................

Settling down we both got relaxed and started painting the island scene before us.  Side by each we painted our versions.

Bobby Small Brushin' In the Sun

By this time the sun had moved creating different light and colour.  Bobby got a little fried in his determination to get on with it.  We packed it in to finish in the studio.  Bobby was off to by a real tripod.

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