Saturday, July 2, 2011

Early Greens Surrender

Here it is just past the first day of summer.  Look what I saw on that longest day.

First Cut, Late

So I looked around and....

Rafting on the Credit

Look how the oranges have crept in.  Still surrounded by green but the better days are coming fast as the sun burns out the spring green and the days begin their shortening towards that great painting season (afraid to say it yet).

Here is one that is a great challenge.  You just can't do this from a photo.  You have to be out there with the bees and yellow jackets a buzzin'.  Try it, share it.


It's not easy being green.  Not to worry.  Now you can avoid it or choose to learn how to deal with it without moving to the seaside.  Along the country roads everything is going to seed.  But still everything is dominated by green and will be for 10 weeks or so.  Paint on.

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