Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Evening Hay Bales - Part II

"I see, I've changed some bale sizes based on the linear perspective.  What about the values and shapes?"  I sent her the following;

"Here is your painting with the values you chose for various shapes.  Darks will be darkest up close, yellows disappear quickly in depth as does the value.  Remember there are other ways to skin the cat.  I assume you are learning how to create from what you see.  IE, learning how to see."

Hayfield Value Pattern

I checked the values with my value scale choosing the average value for the major shapes.  This composition is simplified with respect to the number of shapes.  That is easier to deal with and to paint when you have little time.  This value scale has the lightest at 0 and the darkest at 10.  You generally reserve the lightest and darkest values in case they are needed at the end.

"I see I have some value work to do."

"So, late afternoon. Then shadows should be consistent, hilites consistent, values correct. Then colour, edges etc. As a generality, sky lightest, tree line darkest (vertical), flat area second lightest.  Late day sun usually orange like, so tree line would not be cool since this is in the sun.  Cool shadows within of course." 

"How did you know this?  You have only seen the painting."

"I have been out in such conditions many times so it is in my observation memory bank."

"I guess I am still not seeing but painting what I think."

"Here is a thumbnail I did in a couple of minutes based on your painting and my memory bank."

Thumbnail - plan, think, speed

The thumbnail is the end product of the concept development.  It is the thinking part.  It shows shapes, values, composition, light direction, colour and various notes.  Here it suggests paint stroke direction and inferred lines for the undulations in the field.  This takes little time.  It facilitates staying on concept and speed.  Essential when the time is compressed.

Next, light direction, colour temperature, shadow pattern, hi lites and accents.

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