Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cropping, Portraits, and In the Landscape

Out at Scotsdale Farm last week, Terry moaned about her penchant for "going big" with her subject matter.  She thought that my approach was more artistic.  Not necessarily.  She is essentially painting a portrait.  Here is a sample of her house portrait.  Nice light.

Bennett's Hang Out

This pretty much shows the house full frame.  If that is your concept, paint it.  Make it interesting.  Nothing wrong with that.

Here is a different concept.  The point of interest was just a part of the building.  So the area was cropped to help focus on that.

In Red Oxide

The monochromatic was also part of the concept to learn about the use of grey.

Here is the concept of putting a subject (buildings in this case) in the landscape.  The interest is in the lay of the land or the context of the subject.

Servant's Quarters

None of these is right or wrong.  Terry has decided to try all three concepts in a series of paintings.  A great way to learn and develop.


  1. I love this picture. The colors are very bright and vibrant. A gorgeous art work.