Monday, November 1, 2010

Painting stages from a Wash

This painting was done from imagination and on site memory reference obtained late this fall.  It was done wet in wet and began with a transparent wash.  The wash colour was basically left overs from some experiments I have been doing.  More on them later.

Wash and Wipe

The wash was applied with a lot of mineral spirits so it flowed, dripped, and sagged.  You can see that there was really 3 basic masses.  To make a place for light some paint was wiped away with a rag or a brush.  Some of the darks were indicated with the same paint without adding more medium.  Just indications.

Some Darks, Other Hints

Using the same brush ( a #12 bristle Bright was used throughout) the darks were indicated with cooler colours.  This tells the viewer about the temperature of the light (warm).  A few hints of light were added and the first greys.  The masses were defined a bit to indicate the lay of the land.  Still very wet.  Edges relatively soft but can be changed easily in the wet.  No hint of leaves etc.

Greys and Colour Temperature

Continued wet with greys and adjustments to the light.  A lot of the previously indicated elements were obliterated and the edges got softer.


More of the same.  Preparing for considerable painting to come.  Edges, values, colour temperature, a few detail indications, hilites and accents to follow.

Face the Wall

At this stage I decided to turn the painting to the wall.  A fresh eye might suggest some changes before it gets signed.