Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More on Zorn's Palette

This painting was done exploring the simplified palette of Ivory Black, Yellow Ochre and Terra Rosa.  It was totally dry brushed on a dry ground prepared with thinners and Terra Rosa to a value of 6 (white being 10).  Unlike the last painting this was done in the studio using a thumbnail as reference.

Scotsdale Thumbnail

The thumbnail notes were made given my regular prismatic palette.  So the new palette required translation.  I started with the darks, indicating the pattern loosely.  Notice how bright the ground seems.  That is the result of the canvas showing through.

Darks on a Mid Value Ground

This apparent contrast can confuse you easily.  Painting on from my three pigments, forming a colour pool and painting with the same #10 brush (wiped, not cleaned) in a dry brush fashion, I translated warm and cool colours to go in places where they belonged.  Here is the result.

Late Fall Pattern, 11x14, Oil on Canvas

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