Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another Start

There is no end to the ways to start a painting.  Usually I prefer to paint on a coloured ground.  I like this for several reasons.

A coloured ground breaks the cold bleak white canvas.
A middle value allows you to get the basic painting moving quickly with the addition of darks and lights.
Value judgement in colour is easier against a middle value.
A wet coloured ground helps with paint movement.
One ground colour leads to colour harmony.

This is a start for a painting started this afternoon.  The reference sketch is a simple thumbnail fro the local escarpment.  Colour descriptions were added on site. 

Top of Silver Creek - in process - Oil on Canvas 24x24

This might remind you of the still life start in the last post.  The canvas was covered with a mixture of yellow, red, and ultramarine.  This is a somewhat greyed orange similar to burn sienna.  I chose to dry brush the composition with a variety of darks to check orientation.  Changes have presented themselves for installation on the day after tomorrow.  This is very early in the process.  Greys and other colours in mid tones and lights are to come.  You will note that I have chosen not to do an underpainting in a monochromatic.  This is a more direct painting approach.  Many other approaches are possible and I use them at will.

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