Saturday, November 27, 2010

First of the Beautiful Season

The email "Extra Long Notice" went out with the idea that all those plein air enthusiasts would be able to get it together to enjoy the fist snow of the season.  Wrong.  The usual suspects were there, and maybe they were wondering why.  8th Line was acting up.

Randi, Watercolour with Oil

One of the usuals was even being told by "associates" not to waste her time painting out there.  "Your studio work is so beautiful".  Something made them all join in with Randi.  Maybe they enjoyed her snow rant.

OK, Lets Give It a Go

Set up the French to shade the canvas, squeeze out quickly, get some paint on there before the ice crystals get formed.  Then just pretend there is no snow.  After you dry it out there might be a treasure under it all.

Paint On, Its only Snow

Did anyone set the clock?  How long have I been out here?  I love this ditch!

You are Right, Snow Isn't White

It is a learning experience.  Not to mention the laughter.  Your eye gets better all the time.  Suddenly what was good yesterday isn't, and you can see the difference.

Looked Like a Good Subject At the Time

Then, just as you were getting it, it all changed.

Don't Chase It

Lets just pack it up and have coffee.  Have a hot shower when you get home.