Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Shed

Just outside Cornerbrook the south shore runs along the Bay of Islands through the Blow Me Downs to Bottle Cove. On the sunny day visit I stopped to paint in a fishing village. I asked the young lady if I might paint on the road outside her house. She told me to make myself welcome. So I set up in the shade to paint. Then the challenge began. Everyone stopped to see what I was up to. After all, I looked to be from away.

Fisherman's Cove, 11x14, Oil on canvas

One visitor came along, stopped his truck in the middle of the oncoming traffic lane, got out with his son and proceeded to yak about painting and painting his boat ( a crab boat) and how and why I did what I did. When asked, I received a full explanation of stopping on the wrong side of the highway. Seemed not to bother anyone. He parted wishing me well and promising to do a better job painting his boat next time. No sooner had he left and a young feller stopped in the drive way. He was home for a spell from Fort McMurray. He left and the parade continued.

The sun was bright as I tried to catch the small orange wooden boats used to fish and to visit cabins on the islands. The shed, one's most important possession glowed in the light. So, which one is the leading actor in your opinion?

The painting was done with bristle filbert brushes #6 and #8 (couldn't get the #12 working between visits). The paint on the palette was Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Viridian, Cadmium Lemon Yellow, Cadmium orange, Alizarin, and Titanium white.

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