Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Heat of It

After trying an outdoor show yesterday I have confirmed my inability to deal with heat. So here is a subject painted in the morning before I fell to to the enemy. The suns rays burnt me quickly as they hit directly, bounced off the sand and water, and found their way to my unprotected face any way they could.

Cool Off, 12x16, Oil on canvas

The painting is about the light and the heat. In order to suggest the hot feeling I used warm underpainting colours in each colour mass in the sunlight. That included the sky and water. The shadows were underpainted in warmer cool colours such as violet, cerulean blue, and cadmium green. The final layers were added as my eye saw them. proceeding in this way aids the eyes ability to see the colours really there as opposed to those colours we have conditioned ourselves to accept. Vibrant colour depends on training the eye to see in this manner.

The painting was done with a # 12 bristle filbert and two # 8 bristle filberts. On the palette I squeezed out Ultramarine, Cerulean Blue, Viridian, Cadmium Lemon Yellow, Cadmium orange, Alizarine, Pthalo Violet, and Titanium white. The painting was done wet in wet.

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