Sunday, August 30, 2009

After Review in the Studio

People often ask "do you finish the painting out side"?  Well, if I can.  After a typical trip I find that one or two of every 10 are "finished".  If I am lucky I can finish off the rest in the studio.  Often the raw sketch is beyond repair or I cannot bring back the feeling of being there or what the main idea was at the time.  These are "skimmers" or for the fire barrel.

White Cape Harbour, 10x12, Oil on board

This image required a few minor colour and value changes.  The biggest was pushing the ice berg back. The changes took about 5 minutes.  The original on site effort was about one hour of painting and one hour of visiting the owner of the stage.  Seems it was rebuilt in"87 after the sinking of the Ocean Ranger.

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