Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Artist's Studios

There is nothing more interesting than visiting and artist in his/her studio.  We had an invitation to visit Denis Hopkins in his Orton Studio and then go painting on his property.

Denis Showing Monica His Painting Station

Denis is well known for his still life painting and more recently his landscapes.  He does these from life.  Learn to see.

Still Life Setup and North Light

Looking around the studio you find drawing boards, easel area, a framing station, and an area for contemplation and discussion.

Drawing area, a fireplace in case.....

Thinking, discussing.

Precise Measuring.  Prop, drawing, painting.

Reference and Props

Yes, practice Good Drawing. Improves eye hand.

Setting Up Still Life Demo - Needs a Vertical

Yes, Drawing....

 Denis's Clean Up Trick

Denis focuses on painting.  So cleaning brushes is an interruption to that end.  His solution,  slide paint covered brushes into the oil tray (vegetable oil) at the end of a paint session.  Leave them there till the tray is filled.  About two weeks.  Transfer those brushes to the coal oil pot.  Repeat until the coal oil pot is full.  About 3 months.  Rub clean the brushes in the coal oil en mass, then soap and water.  Perfect.

This tour was very interesting.  Vic saw memories of Harold his mentor.  All of us felt like we were having an Impressionist deja vu.  Discussion, learning, inspiration, and laughter.  What better way to get revved up for a session en plein air.

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