Monday, July 30, 2012

Interesting Musings

Few artists, many painters.  Here are a few deep thoughts from a few living artists.

  • If you can't paint, paint big.

  • Procrastination is the most difficult thing to put off.

  • It is just a matter of priorities.

  • Painting pictures is confining.  Learning to paint is limitless.

  • "The end is in sight" should read The end is insight."

  • The pattern of light is an entire abstraction.

  • Paint manipulation is the essence of learning to paint.

  • Artists paint paint first and things second.

  • With this approach, the act of painting becomes the point of painting.  Then one does not learn to paint but paints to learn.

  • A good impression is lost so quickly.

  • Light is a thing that cannot be reproduced, but must be represented by something else - by colour.

So, who said what?

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