Monday, June 25, 2012

Plein Air Set Up and Touch Up

It has been hot and humid so we have been searching for shade on our out door excursions.  We found a nice stretch of east-west trees along the shore of the Credit River.

In the Shade

It was a bright day so looking at the scene in that light shut down the old eyes, and looking at the panel in the studio told that story.

From the River

The light and dark shapes were not well differentiated.  I knew that as soon as I looked at it. So I used my memory to go back into the painting and restate the light and dark families.  For your reference this photo shows what I saw - well, not really, but you get the idea.

Photo Reference

I started by restating the darks.  You want to maintain the darks.  Using my memory and thinking about the whole painting I started like this.

Background Darks

And progressing.....

Darks and Lights Separated

From here I can take the painting to any desired level of completion.  Normally I like to get the painting to this level on site so the real painting can begin.  A bit of a detour this time.  Part of the concept for this painting was to reduce the proportion of the greens.  From here some edge work and some light versus colour work can be done.

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