Saturday, June 16, 2012

Strategies for Green

The Green Machine has arrived early this year.  I know quite a few artists who have packed it in to avoid going green.  Me, I paint on through all the seasons, but I don't make many all - greens.  I have developed coping mechanisms for dealing with Green.  Here they are;

  • Mix variety in the greens - use reds, violets, oranges, yellows, earths, and white in them.
  • Lay down different greens with most brush strokes, use different strokes and textures.
  • Make structure the focus.  Old buildings, rock formations, water.
  • Paint on a coast or lakeshore.
  • Paint still life or from the model.

Climb It, 12x16, Oil on Canvas

On the Rocks, 8x10, Oil on Linen

These are from the coast near Bar Harbor.

Closer to home in the greenery in the Escarpment area in Southern Ontario, I have been painting in the Towns.

Court Room and Patio, 16x20, Oil on Linen

And in the countryside I choose a subject and concept to give me this, 

Think About It, 11x14, Oil on Linen

From this.

For Sale in the Hockley

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