Friday, December 30, 2011

Your Job...

"Is to make it a painting" said Gary Spearin.   When studying with him you knew you would be taken out of your comfort zone.  I was painting a motif that didn't speak to me.  Left to my own devices, I would have chosen something else.  Almost anything.

Found myself in that blah position Thursday.  Fresh snow and all.  Gary's words haunted me.

OK, we started in -12C with quite a wind at our backs.  We huddled at the base of a little valley where the wind chose to go over top of us.  At least in the beginning.  The spot offered more shelter than inspiration for me.  Sun predicted, heavy overcast delivered.

Peeking Through

Some got settled in and painted.

Almost Balmy

Next day, I began to recover the "effort" with a fresh eye.  The usual suspects.  I started by scraping the excess paint off.  Then I revisited the thumbnail - 3 values.  It became obvious that the planes in the scene needed to be re-established.  So I started there.  First as a thumbnail, then over top of the scraped "painting".  All from memory.  Dark darks.  Mixed.

Kick Start with Darks

The design shapes began to speak to me.  What had been a sole vertical without counterbalance started to appeal to me.  Gary, you devil!  So I emphasized the darks in the design.  Then I began to paint.  What was my concept?

Show the Planes or Not?

Moving towards the colours from my concept I continued to draw the planes, then cover them up.  Their purpose is to indicate depth, so I have to at least hint at them.  Find and lose some of their edges.  These photos were taken in a studio down town.  Poor lighting.  I moved towards the colours I wanted and the values in my concept.  Strokes either in the sun or the shade.  Some more directly catching the light than others.

Up for Second Appeal

I know I have some corrections to make, and I'll make those next time I get on to this one.  There are a few things I am not sure about.  Snow painting?  Maybe after a New Years Eve break.

Have a good and safe one everyone!


  1. Excellent creation! Amazing! Keep your divine gift going!

  2. Hi Sibi, I'll try! On the brush for a very short time today. Tomorrow a little more, then back to normal Monday. Is 4:39 AM your time or my time?

    Have a good 2012.

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