Thursday, December 22, 2011


Of the "three horsemen", I do the least work from my imagination.  Well, those of you who have painted with me have witnessed all sorts of cut and paste activities in the early design stages.  I guess that gives me licence to avoid the pure imagination exercises at least in my mind.

I was looking for my friend's sugar shack references.  Couldn't find them in the endless organization that is my cluttered computer.  I'll take that over an empty "desk" (empty mind).

So here is the action.

Taken from the Thumbnail

Three values.  A few shapes.  Snow covered.

Construction Lines, Snow Prism Effects

There are a myriad of colours in the snow.  Here I have direct light snow, dominated by two values of shadow with warm and cool variations.  Gotta get the values right.

More Corrections to Come

You don't get much of a shadow in a shadow.  Written about that before.   Part of seeing in the winter.

La Cabane a Sucre, Robert et Claire

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