Friday, December 9, 2011

Wonderland, Or How the Green Went Away

"Looks good up here, don't know how long it'll last."  OK, another hour drive to meet at the bakery.  Was it worth while?

Wonderland in Overcast

Everyone was excited.  First real snow fall.  When I no longer get excited by that, it'll be time to put them in the fire.  In unison, "hmmmm, how will I deal with this?"

 Back to Back

Well, no more green.  So one option might be........

Some Structure

Or, maybe a portrait...........

And Snow On Da Palette

Keep it simple.  I chose a scene with three values and masses.  Thumbnailed up.  "Paint" the thumbnail with a 4b pencil.  Put the masses in a pleasing place.  Force everything into 3 values.  Get the values right.  Then relax, and paint.  Oh, and snow is never white.  Key to getting this painting.  Sky warmer than the snow and darker in value - so 4 values.  Beautiful.