Sunday, May 1, 2011


As you know, I believe that a series is a great development tool.  Not as good as "go to your room" as Rober Genn suggests, but a variation on the same.  After an exile to pure landcsape aimed at taking me deeper, man made objects seemed to creep in a couple of years ago while in Tuscany.  First fence posts, then farm houses, towers, churches......  A self portrait show at the RedEye Studio Gallery takes this journey all the way.  RedEye Studio Gallery

While waiting for the stick and mud season to end I have returned to Glen Williams to do a series featuring the structures in the Glen.  My concept is to design the pieces while exploring the planes that form the volumes and to make them alive rather than static.  The "blown down" experience just makes the series have a life of its own.

Town Hall Cluster

You get a glimpse of what I was working from and the beginnings of the design in paint.  First I did a small thumbnail to consider shapes, values, light, colour (notes to myself) and the potential for interest.

Here is some progress.

Sun Condition Pinned In Place

You can see some of the planes here and which ones are activated and where the design changed the image before me.  The sun kept changing so I pinned down my preferences and kept blocking in the shapes to get them to close to the same level of completion.

Start From Here

At this stage I have enough to complete it in the studio.  It would have been nice to get it further along but..........

I leave in a couple of days for New York City and some New England coast painting.  I'll show more of this series when I return.  In the interim I will try to post on the fly.

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