Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chateau de Black Fly

May, moist, cool, sunny.  In the shade of the Hockley we set up.  Mottled sun light.  Looks different every season.

Under Attack

Should have known better.  How many seasons have we been doing this?


Monica took several deet showers.  Spray and mist everywhere.  Quite a show.

Looks Relaxed

I thought I had taken a swim in musk oil.  Guess I didn't dunk.  17 bites - hands and ankles.  Little buggers did my painting hand as I painted.  Vic declared "they don't bother me".  Ha!  He had a blood change and was unknowingly under attack.  It turned out later that he was bitten all round the hat line and on the hands in a major way.  Couldn't get his fingers together for the swelling.

We should have;

taken more care with repellent, hair, hat line, ankles etc.
searched out a breeze
painted in the peak of heat
or, wait till they burn off in a few weeks.  For an addiction this is not an option.

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