Monday, May 23, 2011

A Friend Passes

Quite a few years ago my mentor Vic Sullivan had me paint a couple of barns.  OK, they were cute and traditional, but it is a challenge to bring the creative side of art to bear.  In those days the efforts were learnings.  In fact, 16 years later I remember clearly the aha's associated with each.

Six years ago we began painting an expanded version of the Hockley valley.  One day we happened upon this scene.

Planted To Wheat

She was surrounded with Canola in another season and Soy Beans in another.  She became known as Bob's Barn when we tried to find her for Bob Ross (wanted to be an architect) to paint.  We tried to get Bob back to paint her as the seasons passed.  That day happened finally as a whole group attended to her.

Bob's Barn Posing

Any number of portraits of her exist.

In Red Oxide

Soy Beginning to Turn

We pass the spot often as we paint in the Hockley, speculating on her, saying hello.

Past Harvest

We had better get the gang together to paint her again.  The winter has been pretty harsh.


Didn't paint her in the winter.  Should'a, could'a........

Wind and Rain Storm

Why should you paint such a subject?  There is the learning, composition, installing the direction of the light, finding out about local light in the shade of an interior, working to be creative.  All of that.  But when she goes, to be no more, that record of history that is yours alone makes it all worth while.  You will have a personal memory of an old friend.