Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Still Life Thursday

Tomorrow is colour and light training day.  I try to use Thursdays to do a still life setup and painting.  Training the eye and keeping it colour fit is a never ending job.  So, unless I get to go out painting with the gang I'll set up a still life colour study.  The morning is supposed to be sunny, so I'll do it then.

The easiest way to do this is to use coloured building blocks in a steady light.  This is because they have the fewest planes, and each plane requires a colour change or changes.  This is what Monet became fascinated with.

Here is one set up in four different light conditions.  Makes a great series, especially after you graduate from simple blocks and paint a subject of interest to you.

Same Blocks, Different Light Keys

Look closely.  Some restated and refined outdoor block studies of the same set up of white, black and grey blocks on a light grey cloth seen in different light keys.  This goes to show you that most of us think (not see) local colour per our experience.  Such training helps you get past these preconceived ideas of the mind so that you see what is there - the effect of light on masses.  The exercise takes you to the conclusion that the more plane changes the more difficult the colour perception, and thus the painting - if your concept is the light effect.

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