Monday, January 17, 2011

Monet, Light Versus the Object

Monet became obsessed with the effect of light on objects/shapes.  If you look at his early work and go through it chronologically you will see how the actual object lost importance and the fleeting effects of light became the subject.  He constantly developed his eye, painting outdoors from life.

Garden St. Addresse

In this painting he was apparently most concerned with "things".

Here is a painting from Monet's early "impressionist" work.


Impression Sunrise

Here he was concerned with shapes, not things, and the feeling he developed.

And later "impressionist" work.  Note the shapes of the brushwork.


Bateaux - Atelier

And then past "impressionism" to light effects and series.

Meule - Effet de Neige

There were quite a number of Haystack paintings.  Here it is said he developed the practice of painting multiple canvases at the same time, capturing momentary effects of light.

And then in the later years.....

The Japanese Bridge

And here the thing was further disappearing.

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