Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Prepping the Show "Road Trip"

I hang my show "Road Trip" at the RedEye Gallery on August 16.  Time is slipping away quickly.  I have to be finished painting Monday August 9 in order to dry, frame, and prepare the show.  Then all is loaded in the car and I am off to Toronto's Distillery after  rush hour.

My last small canvas was done from reference sketches and photos.  My painting memory is decent but it is not like being there - or even close to it.

Oesa Bound, 11x14, Oil on Canvas

The photo reference for this painting was taken by my good wife Karen.  She was hiking up the switch back towards Lake Oesa while I painted far below from the shore of Lake O'Hara.  If fact I was on the shore on the right hand side of this painting - the far shore.  I did some sketches of the rock face and the trail she was climbing.  The sketches are valuable for the large format paintings I am doing, but for this painting I had to imagine looking back at the spot I was sketching from.  Mental gymnastics.

For this painting my sole experimental material was Flake White Replacement by Gamblin.  It is proving to be quite good in thick or textured passages.  There is a lot of green in this image.  In order to keep them from becoming garish I use no green directly from the tube.  In this painting I derived many greens from Viridian.  Others I mixed from Ultramarine Deep and Cadmium Yellow Light.  All of the greens have been subordinated with a red - Alizarin or Cadmium Red Light.  Violet, orange, and yellow deep are other modifiers used to create some variety including shadows.  White was used as required to change the value and grey the colour.  You will see colour temperature used in each mass.  Cools in the warm masses, and warms in the cool masses.  In order to keep the shade and light separate you must use similar values in this process.

The painting was done with one #10 bristle filbert brush, wiped between colours.

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