Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back in the Studio

Ok, I left off here after a pleasant plein air session on August 8.  So the start is dry.

Scotsdale Summer in process.....

It is not unusual to require completion in the studio.  My reference in addition to this start includes my thumbnail sketch and a photo.  Here is the photo.

Photo Reference 

This is what I expected when I took the picture.  In order to see what is in the light I basically have black elsewhere.  Sharp edges everywhere.  My memory and the start above tell me another story.  The thumbnail was aimed at the design - and what to leave out.  I thought I could get the real thing by going back to the site.  It looked like similar weather here in the Glen, when I got to the farm it was shrouded in fog.  So back to the studio.

I did not bother to oil in.  It is a small painting.  I resumed the laying in of the darks and shadows.  With warm light the shadows were cool.  Then I adjusted the values of the masses to get the relative value correct.  I had to keep the lights in the lights and the shadows in the shadow as well as painting the air between masses.  Colour temperature is key here.  For the light I used cad yellow and let the green grass tell the viewer the colour in the light.  A few hints of reflected light, a check of the edges to make sure they were appropriate (not as in the photo) and lay it aside while cooking dinner.

Scotsdale Summer, 10x12, Oil on Board

A final touch for accents and hi lights and a couple of edge adjustments and voilà.

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