Monday, August 16, 2010

Final Touches

OK, so I'll return to the little plein air next.  Meanwhile have a look at this painting shown in the previous blog.  I just had to do this work first since it going to the show in Toronto in a couple of days.  Hope it dries......

Entering O'Hara, August 16 2010

I mentioned that there were a few things to do.  Below you will see those results.  This painting is complex in that there are numerous picture planes in it - more than 8, so the values are critical to achieving depth.  It is easy to run out of values.  So I tried to preserve values by using colour temperature where it made sense. It is best to leave value 1 and value 10 in reserve for accents and hi-lites.  Again I tried to maintain the areas of light and shadow as unique.  That means that the lights in the shadows are always darker than the darks in the light etc. on each picture plane.  Makes you feel like an accountant on this one.  No wonder simpler is better.

Here is the after shot.

Entering O'Hara, 42x50, Oil on Canvas

You will see new colours and values added in a number of spots.  Much of this had to do with the use of complements to add vibration.

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