Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sunshine Bleach Job

OK, so you should try to avoid setting up with the sun in your eyes, on your palette, and on your canvas.  That is how you get those beady little eyes or, worse yet, a squinty brow.  When you do this your eyes adjust to the extreme glare and you paint not what you believe you are painting.
Randi and the new apron and the Julian French Easel

However, when you get excited and see a motif you might just do it anyway.  Here is an image done under this less than ideal arrangement.

Hillside, 10x12, Oil on canvas patch

If you could see the site you would realize that the grays were not so dominant and the values are off.  This has been reworked in the studio to accommodate the memory.

The painting was done with a #6 filbert brush and a palette knife.  The palette held cobalt blue, viridian, yellow deep, orange, and titanium white.

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