Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Confluence of Excuses

The next chapter of the book of excuses is ready to be written.  Today we had a few examples from a season of over-lap.  Too much wind, too many black flies, mosquitoes, still too cold.  I guess these are better that the repeat excuse of "had my wisdom teeth out" (again).

We set up side by each and did two images from the same spot pivoting 90 degrees for the second one.  Somehow we decided on speed work for the session.  The presented composition showed trees going over the hill and disappearing in the valley.  It also required some balancing so trees were moved or eliminated.  Vic moved, I eliminated.

Move Those Trees, 6x8, Oil on board

Using the colour peep hole in my view finder I isolated the colour in the sky.  An interesting set of grays alternating between cool and warm hues (yellow gray and violet gray with variations).  The distant valley was a beautiful blue gray.  All colour masses required gradations - value, temperature, edges.  A simple arrangement with so much going on.

The painting was done with a #8 bristle filbert and a palette knife.  The palette was cobalt blue (Trying to use this tube before it goes solid), viridian, yellow deep, yellow ochre, cadmium orange, alizarin, transparent red oxide and titanium white.  In addition I used a gel medium to help the paint flow.  Several of the pigments on the palette were quite stiff, so the gel worked well.

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