Friday, March 6, 2009

In the studio a sketch from November caught my eye.  I had just been painting outside so I was able to settle in to the studio.  The image presented the option of using a short picture box eliminating the sky as a direct reference.  The challenge was capturing depth.

Birch Trio, 24x24, Oil on canvas
The first pass captured the warm colours and the clump of birch trees.  However, the depth was not apparent.  The second pass, and working all over the canvas, developed the colour relationships between major masses.  At this stage it became apparent that the birches required some design in order to make them big enough to capture the colour changes that come with plane changes.  This added depth.  Finally the coulours within the colour masses were further refined.

Three bristle brushes were used for this painting.  A #12 and a#10 flat, and a #6 round.  The round brush found its way into the mix after an absence of years.  The palette consisted of Titanium white, Ultramarine blue, Viridium, Lemon yellow, Cadmium orange, Alizarine crimson, and Manganese violet.

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