Monday, February 16, 2009

Scottsdale Farm, Valentine's Spring

Valentines day is a sensitive time to go painting.  So we started early and went directly to Scottsdale Farm.  The light was filtered with quickly changing colour.  The view to the south was very soft and almost monochromatic at one point.  The abstract patterns of the fence lines coupled with the unmaintained tangle of the fields is enough for a good series.  Another view is already on the studio easel.

Going Back to Nature, 10x12, Oil on birch board

It sure felt like Spring.  A few small patches of snow, birds chirping.  Here I chose one of many fence line pieces and painted quickly - a short day was planned.  The light changed to a less monochromatic set of colours so I painted an impression of that.  The first layer still shows through.  The piece in process in the studio features analogous colours and a much larger vista.  
I used a shortened palette.  Ultramarine Blue and Alizerin Crimson(for violet and red), cadmium yellow light (greens, oranges, grays when mixed) and Transparent earth Oxide (more grays, warm darks, orange, general modifier) along with white.  In my out door kit I have low viscosity Graham paint that is a little easier to work with in the cold.  Two brushes were used.  A number 10 flat hogs bristle, and a #4 round hogs bristle.  I had not used a round for years and found it suddenly in my hand.  It is always refreshing to make a change.

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