Monday, February 9, 2009

Snow Covered on Scottsdale Farm

We were warned not to go outside just the week before but that turned out to be both comfortable and beautiful.   So we ventured out after a fresh snow.  Scottsdale Farm just north of Glen Williams offers many painting opportunities and limited shelter.  We positioned ourselves for an afternoon painting.  The morning had been full of surprises but we thought maybe that would pass after lunch.

         French Easel being pasted with snow.

The Day was cold clear and comfortable.  However, just a hint of a breeze and the puffy stuff floated down seeking a spot on the canvas and palette.  How does it work?  Oil paint and snow feel like sand and grease.  A tad difficult to move paint around the canvas.  The opportunity that evolved was to stop painting more that 5 steps before intended.  Here is the moody result.

Add Image       Certified, Oil on Board (Doorskin), 10x12

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The palette used was the remains from the previous out door session  (Should squeeze out fresh paint but it was cold).  It consisted of Ultramarine Blue, Alizarine Crimson, Lemon Yellow, Viridian, and Titanium White.  The Lemon Yellow was pretty much as hard as nails.  I used one brush, a #12 flat.  Edge management was hit and miss.  Eventually the ice crystals in the paint evaporated.

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  1. I definately apreciate a persons ability to create wonderful paintings like these. Me on the other hand, i rely on the click of a button. Great Painting.