Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pat's Day

The river is beautiful any time of year.  Capturing its character at an instant in a day in a season is not only a great learning exercise but a challenge.  Today I headed out late in the afternoon with a clear sky at my side and too much clothing on my back.  After all I've been painting every week all winter.  The body has not begun its change to warm weather.  No timer this time out.

Credit in the Glen, March 17, 5 pm

Arriving on site I mapped out a vantage point.  It was exciting as usual.  The kids rope swing tree is still anchoring the bank.  The trees are rapidly filling in.  Now, the shade side and the sun side are quite different but basically the same colours.  How to differentiate.  The shadows are long now with a dark yellow to orange hue.

The excitement overcame me on this one and I tried to complete the image before starting.  So, do you scrape off or try to salvage?  Lets try a salvage.  This time I am using a glaze to salvage the painting.  i did it with a transparent blue and then worked back into it.  The white of the canvas was bothering me as it showed through the first attempt.  It did what I wanted as I looked at the scene today at the same time in similar conditions.

The painting was done with a#12 flat hog's bristle brush.  The palette was ultramarine blue, cobalt blue (recent guest on the palette) viridian, lemon yellow, alizarine and titanium white.

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