Monday, December 31, 2012


No, not the water ones I have been playing with this last week.  On what happened last year on the trip of working on art.   Yup, thats what I'm doin' early New Year Eve.!?  Just look at the sketch books and the entries.

A fair amount of activity for the year.  Here is a summary;

First Grand Child.
4 trips regarding Grand Child birth, development etc.
Out most days with snow, but not much of it.  Too warm.
Biggest snow fall of the year April 25, a double that day.
Continued the Town and Country Series including Georgetown.
Entered a Town and Country and won first prize.
Short painting campaign in Maine - Bar Harbour - on the way to see the baby in Brooklyn.
Hid from the summer heat along the Credit River.  Too many extreme days.
Taught a Spring and Fall Plein Air Class.
Short Painting campaign to Saint Sauver Quebec, September.
Painting campaign with Vic to Algonquin - first time!
Several group shows, a solo.
A number of regular painters en plein air came forward.

Last January I set out a few points in my studio sketch book.  Four painting oriented goals.  I can actually say I worked on two of these - paint quality and design.   And I am in a painting size cycle that is towards larger scale.  I didn't get in more studio painting from life.

Sure didn't anticipate how much impact a grand child could have.  Well, some things you can't control.  I can however, make each stroke count.  Increase my concentration.  Last year's snow paintings were quite good and fairly plentiful.  The Algonquin trip was great fun but not very successful.  There was simply too much colour.  Other painting campaigns were too rushed.

So for this year, more of the same with emphasis on;
Make every stroke count - application development.
More starts en plein air
More stills in studio - use this as a way to hide from the heat
Perhaps a Le Massif break....
Algonquin in the early Spring
Continue Town and Country and The Land series.  Combine some.

Start tomorrow morning at the Credit.  Snow this evening.  Perfect.

Shaw's Creek 2012

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